Feb. 9, 2010 Minutes

Present: Peter Kann, Chair; Robert Geddes, Chair Emeritus; Ryan Lilienthal, Director, PF; Jim Constantine, Director, PF; Bernard Miller, Mayor, Township; Chad Goerner, Deputy Mayor, Township; Robert Bruschi, Borough Administrator; Anton Lahnston, Chair, and Ralph Widner, Borough Traffic & Transportation Committee; Marvin Reed, Chair, Master Plan Subcommittee of the Regional Planning Board; Pam Hersh, University Medical Center at Princeton & Plainsboro; Susan Hoskins, Princeton Senior Resource Center; Barry Weissfeld, Princeton Record Exchange; Kristin Appelget and Kim Jackson, Princeton University.

We are working together! Chad, Anton and Kim presented a powerpoint on the findings of their year-long effort to develop coordinated routes across the community. The full ppt will be distributed to us when the consultant hired by Princeton University has finished its work. Dilshanie Perera of Town Topics and Kristin Snodgrass of the Princeton Packet took good notes and wrote the stories that follow. The FreeB is to be run all day expanding its service to PCV, Elm Court, Griggs Farm, the Medical Center and the Shopping Center. Pam and Susan suggested that voluntary fare envelopes might work. Kim described the ‘area generators’ of traffic and the ‘headway times’. Kristin emphasized ‘layers of service’. Bob Geddes said that he couldn’t ‘conceptualize’ the proposed routes. “It worries me that it has no form”, he said. He also said “I have never seen or heard of more coordination between the municipalities and the University. Historic! It will have enormous impact on the Downtown.”

Marvin Reed made an oral presentation on the future routes of bus rapid transit [BRT]. He has asked to come again to make a powerpoint presentation. The Dinky tracks are to be removed and the BRT will provide ‘every-10-minute service’ and a ‘single-seat ride’ from the Junction to Faculty Rd, up University Place to the Town Topics building and some will go on to the Shopping Center.