Video: Feb. 23, 2019 forum on residential zoning

Recently, Princeton amended its residential zoning code, ordinance #2018-24. The ordinance establishes new neighborhood residential zoning standards. The Princeton Future forum explored what the changes mean for Princeton homeowners, and those seeking to buy, sell or renovate a home in Princeton.  The forum was held at the Princeton Public Library on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019.

Kevin Wilkes, the president of Princeton Future, opened the session. Jud Henderson of Callaway Henderson Realty, and Marty Stockton of Stockton Real Estate then discussed the Princeton real estate market. Architects Maximillian Hayden, Marina Rubina, Kirsten Thoft, and Joshua Zinder participated in a panel to discuss the zoning standards. Before the panel, Hayden also talked about the renovation of a home on Green Street in the Witherspoon-Jackson Historic District of Princeton. The talks included Q&A sessions. More than 100 people attended the forum.