A discussion about the future of Princeton’s central business district

Come to the Princeton Public Library and take part in a discussion about Princeton’s future on Saturday, October 6, beginning at 9 a.m.

Growth will come to our town. The choice we have is whether to plan for that growth or just react to it. To plan, we need to listen to each other very carefully and decide, together, what kind of a town we want to become.

Are there options that can encourage economic growth, benefit Princeton’s taxpayers, fulfill our commitment to affordable housing, and enhance community character?

Where are we headed?

9 a.m., Thomas Wright, president of the Regional Plan Association

9:45 a.m. A visioning study for central Princeton. Sustainability, social justice, economic health and
the alleviation of tax burdens can provide the bedrock principles for a plan.  Kevin Wilkes AIA, President, Princeton Future

10 a.m.  What if? Conversations at four break-out tables on three subjects

Table 1. Mid-Block-Nassau Street • Housing Needs
Table 2. Park Place Lot • Commercial Needs
Table 3. Griggs Corner Lot • Place-making
Table 4. E = mc Square(d)

11 a.m to noon: Each table reports