How do we become the town we want to be? Nov. 21, 2015 Meeting

How do we become the town we want to be? In this forum, community members discuss housing, place-making, transportation and mobility, downtown vibrancy and prosperity. Moderated by Princeton Future staff.

Views in Princeton are changing. From the emergence of the new Alexander streetscape around the train station to the re-emergence of the high roof of the University Chapel on the skyline, newly visible again on Cherry Hill Road since the Hospital tower was demolished – our sense of our identity as a town pulls us in different directions – from nostalgia to visionary. The endurance of Princetonians is time-tested, but in the face of so much change, how do we carry our dreams and goals forward?

Since 2000, Princeton Future has been convening open public meetings for us all to listen to each other for the common good. Through research, analysis and public forums, we seek to better understand complex issues that face us collectively in Princeton. Our Board members volunteer to do our professional work. Our funding is derived mostly from citizens such as you, local foundations and from a small contract with the recently established community – university trust.

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