Improving Princeton as a more livable community – September 22, 2012

Improving Princeton as a More Livable Community

• Driving • Biking • Walking • Transit
Q: How can the new municipal government encourage
us all to get around in more sustainable ways?
A: Street design solutions depend on where you live, right?
If you live in a… …the ʻtoolsʼ are different
…rural area? …low density suburb? …dense suburb? …an urban area? rural suburban urban

Planned Projects Status Report of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commissionʼs
Central New Jersey Transportation Forum – Pam Mount, Chair, Sustainable Jersey
ʻComplete Streetsʼ & the Draft of the New Circulation Element of the Master Plan,
ʻA Mobility Plan for the New Princetonʼ- Marvin Reed, Chair, Master Plan Subcommittee of the Regional Planning Board
ʻPrinceton: A Traffic Portrait, A Mid-Point Progress Reportʼ – Ralph Widner, Princeton Traffic & Transportation Committee
ʻAn Ad-hoc Bike Plan for Princetonʼ – Yan Bennett & Steven Kruse, Princeton Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee
Richard Woodbridge, Republican Candidate for Mayor of Princeton
Liz Lempert, Democratic Candidate for Mayor of Princeton
Break-outs & Summary Reports

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